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Gentle wild garlic

Ramsons in Frankendael Orchards

I stood stupefied and watched a woman take out a knife and cut bunches of Wild garlic from inside the entrance of Park Frankendael this evening. Felt so mad and sad and bewildered that I didn’t know where to begin with her. So just stared at the mini massacre until she saw me and . . . → Read More: Gentle wild garlic

365 Frankendael day 354


Just what the plant doctor ordered this afternoon – mild weather and a good dose of drizzle!

In the park, Wild garlic (Allium ursinum), succulent and far too tasty to park your bike against.

Fumitory, used in some areas of the world to clear the body of radiation damage, following radiotherapy . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 354

365 Frankendael day 344

Alder cones Amsterdam

I passed by Flevopark this afternoon and saw masses of Wild Garlic, still looking very good! At the front of the photo you may be able to see lots of Elder (Sambucus nigra) shrubs, just coming into leaf.

At the nearby childrens farm and outdoor play centre there were some lovely wild plants . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 344

What a waste!

Discarded foraged wild garlic, ramsons, daslook.

Finding this discarded bunch of foraged ramsons, made me very sad yesterday. Not only did someone harvest the flowers of this wonderful wild herb but they also didn’t even eat them! I was even sadder to see them still on the ground, this morning. The flowers of wild garlic taste inferior to the leaves . . . → Read More: What a waste!

Last Chance Ramson Pesto (Wild Garlic, NL:Daslook)

Ramsoms Pesto freezer cubes and in jars

On Thursday I visited my freinds in De Hortus Botanicus and helped them to harvest some Wild Garlic/Ramsons (Allium ursinum, NL:Daslook). It grows vigorously in several parts of the beautiful garden and periodically is removed from paths and areas where it out-competes other plants in the Hortus collection.  I took home a large tub of . . . → Read More: Last Chance Ramson Pesto (Wild Garlic, NL:Daslook)


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