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Autumn Street Treats and Tricks

Turkish Hazelnut Case

The past few weeks have seen a bounty of free street food falling from trees in Amsterdam. I’ve been enjoying Hazelnuts, Hawthorn berries & Sloes (plucked rather than fallen) and Sweet chestnuts – all absolutely delicious when prepared! The nuts and fruit are still there for the taking in many places but if you have . . . → Read More: Autumn Street Treats and Tricks

365 Frankendael day 57

Bittersweet solanum dulcamara

Firstly today a poisonous member of the Nightshade family, which I have seen for the first time this year, today in Park Frankendael. It is called Bittersweet (Solanum dulcamara) And if you know what potato and tomato plants look like (also in the Nightshade family) then hopefully you will easily recognize this plant when you . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 57


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