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365 Frankendael day 90

Wormwood in Bunsenstraat

Today a photo of some young plants which are destined to grow in Park Frankendael but which currently reside in a gutter along my street, a block away from the park. I recently wrote about how my geveltuin Wormwood shrub has spread by seed to neighboring tree pits and pavement cracks. I transported a . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 90

Wormwood Rescue

Wormwood in pavement cracks

When the council next comes to strim weeds in my street, these lovely Wormwood babies would be lost, so this afternoon I whipped lots of them out of the ground, to save them in plant pots.

I grow a vigorous and useful Wormwood plant in our super-dry geveltuin. I wrote about it recently, when . . . → Read More: Wormwood Rescue

Geveltuin Harvest

Geveltuin herb harvest

We have painters arriving at any moment, to decorate the front of our apartment. My little Mediterranean herb geveltuin (pavement garden) sits right in the line of fire so I decided to harvest a good quantity of stems and flowers from a few of the plants.

I’ll use the Lavender to make an . . . → Read More: Geveltuin Harvest

365 Frankendael day 59

Mugwort and wormwood harvest for workshop

Today was the first Urban Herbology Herb-by-Herb workshop, introducing Mugwort to a small group and helping them to experiment with making tinctures, infused oils and other herbal preparations. So my photo for today is simply of the remains of our Mugwort (and Wormwood) harvest!

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) which is dark green on the . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 59


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