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Day 9 – UH foraging challenge

Parsley, Chamomile and mystery speckled plant.

My latest find is a succulent crop of  English Chamomile leaves and parsley.

Parsley and mystery speckled plant.

Growing amongst it is a speckled plant which I don’t know. Any idea what it is? The leaves are rubbery and almost orchid like.  A few of these have popped up in my rooftop planters amongst . . . → Read More: Day 9 – UH foraging challenge

Day 8 – UH foraging challenge

Photo credit - anya Godden. Cardamine pratensis.

Today, more beautiful photos from the challengers. We now are a group of 12, if you would like to join please do!

Photo credit – Tanya Godden. Cardamine pratensis.

From Tanya in Devon, UK, delicate Lady’s smock (Cardamine pratensis). Yes, it is edible but no we don’t harvest it because it is a wild . . . → Read More: Day 8 – UH foraging challenge

Herbology Club for Children

Herbology Club Amsterdam

Lynn’s Herbology Club is for children aged 4 – 6 years. Maximum 6 children in the group.

Each session is practical and fun. They build self-confidence and provide a wealth of sensory experiences in a green, social setting. Herbology Club allows children to play in a thoughtful and creative way with nature. No experience . . . → Read More: Herbology Club for Children

Day 7 – UH foraging challenge

Photo credit: Peter Warnock

Pollinators certainly benefit from pavement gardens such as this one which is full with yellow broom and purple wallflower blossom. As mentioned yesterday,  clean wallflowers are edible and broom flowers are too. I like to infuse them in honey. Here’s a useful summary of the plants uses and note of its toxicity.

Here are . . . → Read More: Day 7 – UH foraging challenge

Day 6 – UH Foraging Challenge

Wallflower (Erysimum)

Wallflower (Erysimum sp.)

This was the closest I could get to orange flowers today as I wandered the Amsterdam King’s Day street market. Perennial wallflowers look bright and cheerful and are edible (depending upon their location of course). They belong to the cabbage family (Brassicacea).

So, what have the challengers been finding? Here’s another . . . → Read More: Day 6 – UH Foraging Challenge

Day 5 – UH foraging challenge


Day 5. Had a lovely morning in Park Frankendael, weeding sycamore seedlings and cow parsley from the orchards. Found the hostas looking beautiful and gathered cleavers,  wild garlic,  ground ivy and lemonbalm with one of my past apprentices.

Then it hailed and was cold so we drank hot chocolate.

. . . → Read More: Day 5 – UH foraging challenge

Day 4 – UH foraging challenge

Image and photo credit: Hannah McDonald

Here are some lovely images from my foraging challengers. I’m so impressed by their efforts!

Image and photo credit: Hannah McDonald

Hannah (who is working on illustrations for my books!) has been sketching her finds whilst wandering Amsterdam.

Peter is currently trying to ID this mustard type brassica.

Photo credit: Peter Warnock

And . . . → Read More: Day 4 – UH foraging challenge

Day 3 – UH foraging challenge

Allium ursinum

Allium ursinum

Have just noticed that this is my 600th blog post on Urban Herbology – Thank you for reading it!

A friend and I harvested quite a lot of daslook / wild garlic (Allium ursinum) today in Amsterdam. This plant is on the Netherlands endangered plant list but it grows like a weed . . . → Read More: Day 3 – UH foraging challenge

Day 2 – UH foraging challenge


Fleabane. Photo credit: Peter Warnock.

So it’s day 2 and the photos are now flooding in from my challengers. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm!

They have been finding hog weed, ramsons,  old beech nuts, violets,  yellow dead nettle,  poisonous euphorbia, strawberry,  dandelion,  dock,  wood sorrel, elderflower and the list goes on and . . . → Read More: Day 2 – UH foraging challenge

Day 1- UH foraging challenge


My 30 day foraging challenge is underway and already I’ve received lots of lovely photos from people who have signed up for the challenge in the Netherlands,  Northern Ireland and England. Am looking forward to receiving more!

Burdock, daisy,  wild garlic,  chickweed, hawthorn leaf,  dandelion, cherry blossom,  garlic mustard,  ground elder,  rose leaf,  mugwort, honeysuckle, . . . → Read More: Day 1- UH foraging challenge


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