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Day 21 UH foraging challenge


I really need to catch up on the beautiful photos which the challengers have sent me this week! Tomorrow, I’ll work through them all and add more to a post. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster week but now I’m back in Amsterdam and can happily reflect on good times spent with . . . → Read More: Day 21 UH foraging challenge

Day 20 – UH foraging challenge

Stoke Gifford brick Bristol c1900

I’ve been in the UK with my family hence no day 19. Here are a few green momentos from the trip…

Above,  a handsome Yew tree.

What things this beautiful tree must have witnessed over the years and what quiet comfort it offers to those who gaze upon it. May it continue to do . . . → Read More: Day 20 – UH foraging challenge

Day 18 – UH foraging challenge


Today had been a travelling day for me but I have seen some tasty plants on my route.

At Station Zuid in Amsterdam some thoughtful edible Lady’s mantle in a council flower bed.

And near Beethovenstraat, one of my favourites – Alkanet with those pretty blue flowers alongside Greater celandine.

. . . → Read More: Day 18 – UH foraging challenge

Day 17 – UH foraging challenge


Another lovely day and lots of gardening so plenty of finds. My favourite being a patch of wild garlic,  only just showing flower buds.

Day 16 – UH foraging challenge

Beautiful weather drew me to the volkstuin again today. It’s been a while since I spent a full day gardening there which meant the Ground elder (Aegopodium podogarium) has really grown tall and needed thinning out. I brought a shopping bag full of it home with me and plan to make a simple olive oil . . . → Read More: Day 16 – UH foraging challenge

Day 15 – UH foraging challenge


This morning I was gardening at my volkstuin and there lots of delicious edible plants there. Here are a few…

Russian comfrey (Symphytum x uplandicum).

Herb Robert (Geranium robertum)

Yellow deadnettle (Lamium galeobdolon)


. . . → Read More: Day 15 – UH foraging challenge

Day 14 – UH foraging challenge

Photo credit - Ann Doherty.

More lovely photos today…

From Ann in Spain, beautiful flowers which look rather like a type of lily or Allium. Not seeing the whole plant, the flower could belong to a sort of Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum angustifolium). It also looks almost like Allium molly but white rather than yellow…

Photo credit – Ann . . . → Read More: Day 14 – UH foraging challenge

Day 13 – UH foraging challenge


Today I took a stroll in the Vondelpark and found lots of beautiful plants. Here is a little cluster of comfrey (white and purple flowers), stinging nettle,  purple deadnettle and at the back, ground elder. Each one a useful plant but in a place where thousands of people should have the chance to see . . . → Read More: Day 13 – UH foraging challenge

Day 12 – UH foraging challenge

Photo credit: Peter Warnock

Walking home from swimming on this day 12, I found a pavement garden containing some rather well cared for stinging nettles. No picking from that spot but I did weed some out from the beautiful Tuin van Darwin this morning whilst being shown around the gardens. Those beauties are heading for a nettle omelet . . . → Read More: Day 12 – UH foraging challenge

Day 11 – UH foraging challenge

Ground elder

A pleasant walk into work this morning, yeidled a few nice edible finds in Oud Zuid. Here are my two favourites:


Wormwood (Artemisia absinthum) gracing a lamppost near Apollo house. A classy spot for a classy herb and a nationally endangered one at that!  I had to supress the urge to pull this . . . → Read More: Day 11 – UH foraging challenge


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