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Green spirit

Volunteers River of Herbs orchards July 2017

Gardening is good for you. Whether inside or out, spring, summer, autumn or winter, it is not difficult to see why. Being in contact with earth, plants, air and water feeds the soul, tones muscles, lifts spirits and aligns us acutely with the cycles of nature. As research about biophilia, horticultural therapy, woodland bathing and . . . → Read More: Green spirit


Last November I gave a talk at the TEDxYouth@AICS event called Edible Cities. It is now on YouTube…

River of Herbs @ Pakhuis de Zwijger

Tansy Bees

Are you are interested in: Growing edible & medicinal herbs in public spaces, Encouraging pollinating insects into the city, Increasing Urban Food Security, Creating a community food forest, Learning and sharing gardening skills, Creating an edible wildlife corridor through Amsterdam, by planting tiny unused pockets of land?

Then please come along to the River . . . → Read More: River of Herbs @ Pakhuis de Zwijger

Bifurcated Carrots is all about seed saving: Why we should do it. Who is doing it already. And how we can do it. It’s run from Amsterdam by Patrick Wiebe and Steph Mandel who seem to be as passionate as me about increasing food security. They keep us up to date on the attempts of government . . . → Read More: Bifurcated Carrots

Edible Cities TEDxYouth@AICS

Youko's garden

I love the spirit of TED, where ordinary people stand in front of an audience and speak about Technological, Entertainment and Design ideas that are worth spreading. I’ve watched some great talks in recent years and each has taught me something, has made me think slightly differently and has spurred me on to do . . . → Read More: Edible Cities TEDxYouth@AICS

River of Herbs 2014 Course


UPDATE (19/09/2013): This course is now full. If you would like to be on the waiting list then please let me know – Lynn.

Sign up for the next free River of Herbs course! Newcomers are welcome and also those who attended the previous course.

This course will cover all the material that we worked . . . → Read More: River of Herbs 2014 Course

Embrace Your Weeds!


Sunday 2nd June 3-5pm Westerpark (Proef Restaurant to the Educational Garden) €25 per person

There are so many incredible plants which we dismiss, dig-up or discard. We could do so much with these humble weeds, if only more people knew how!

This workshop with foraging walk will open your eyes to the wonders . . . → Read More: Embrace Your Weeds!

River Of Herbs Flows On


Yesterday was the fourth meeting of my first River of Herbs course.

A tidy group of us met on Spuistraat and proceeded to speak with a few locals before launching into a little tidying up of earthy spaces, some herb planting and some gardening chat! The main aims of River of Herbs are to . . . → Read More: River Of Herbs Flows On

Bug Hostel

Rooftop bug hostel

Here’s my first attempt at a rooftop bug refuge. It’s simply a long slim plastic plant pot, stuffed full of dry hollow stems which I found in my kitchen and around the rooftop planters. The stems are from long dead Fig trees, Honeysuckle, Chamomile, Hollyhocks, Clematis, Elder, Reed fencing and a few old and . . . → Read More: Bug Hostel

365 Frankendael day 331- River of Herbs


It was the second River of Herbs meeting today and we took a stroll through part of park Frankendael, hunting for Molehills.

I used a few hills to build a lovely aerated soil mound around my geveltuin Lavender shrub. Molehills generally contain lovely rich soil – just the thing to encourage the Lavender to . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 331- River of Herbs


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