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Two Spring Walks


I have just set two dates for Urban Herbology walks this spring. They are now on the events page. They will take place on Sunday 6th April and Thursday 10th April. Both walks will be in English but I can speak some Dutch when needed. Handouts will be available in English or Dutch, please . . . → Read More: Two Spring Walks

Sweet Chestnut & Parsnip Risotto

Sweet Chestnut and Parsnip Risotto

I learned on Saturday, from one of my Willow apprenticeship group, that many Japanese cooks like to peel Sweet Chestnuts when raw and add them to rice whilst it cooks. So today I tried it out and wow – what a sensation this cooking combination can create! I intended to take a huge portion of . . . → Read More: Sweet Chestnut & Parsnip Risotto

Autumn Street Treats and Tricks

Turkish Hazelnut Case

The past few weeks have seen a bounty of free street food falling from trees in Amsterdam. I’ve been enjoying Hazelnuts, Hawthorn berries & Sloes (plucked rather than fallen) and Sweet chestnuts – all absolutely delicious when prepared! The nuts and fruit are still there for the taking in many places but if you have . . . → Read More: Autumn Street Treats and Tricks

Edible Cities TEDxYouth@AICS

Youko's garden

I love the spirit of TED, where ordinary people stand in front of an audience and speak about Technological, Entertainment and Design ideas that are worth spreading. I’ve watched some great talks in recent years and each has taught me something, has made me think slightly differently and has spurred me on to do . . . → Read More: Edible Cities TEDxYouth@AICS

Early Autumn Calm

Rosehip Amsterdam

It has been a busy summer full of events,  group walks, a Permaculture Design Course, writing, interviews and a lovely holiday in France. Now it is time to slow down, take stock and take a closer look at some of the plants ripening for harvest around me here in Amsterdam.

Rosehips, of all shapes . . . → Read More: Early Autumn Calm

Sandy Edibles at Magneet Festival

Magneet Festival site 2013

Here is a taster of the edible and amazing plants which can be found at the sandy Magneet Festival site, in Amsterdam Oost. This is Evening Primrose (Oenothera sp.) NL: Teunisbloem, a useful and tasty plant.

I was asked to lead a foraging walk each weekend, throughout the duration of the month long . . . → Read More: Sandy Edibles at Magneet Festival

Rose petal and Mugwort Elixir

Photo credit: Van Gogh Museum

This morning was an Oak Apprenticeship meeting and this afternoon, a walking-cooking magazine interview. Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) was a welcome participant at both gatherings. This common urban herb offers a plethora of uses and is currently flowering here in Amsterdam.

Mugwort has a strong aromatic taste and is not the easiest herb to eat . . . → Read More: Rose petal and Mugwort Elixir

Van Gogh’s Herbs

Photo credit: Wikipedia Sunflower

Photo credit: Wikipedia Sunflower

Please join me on the evenings of Fridays 2nd and 30th August at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. Learn about the herbs of Van Gogh, which can be found, foraged and used today.

I am delighted to have been asked to teach visitors to the Museum’s Friday Nights programme, about . . . → Read More: Van Gogh’s Herbs

Magneet Festival – Ethical Foraging

mobi-01 Frankendael

The Magneet Festival is an inspired event running over the weekends between 23rd August and 15th September 2013. It  has been running for a few years now, on a patch of land in Oost Amsterdam. The public decides on what will be happening and I am lucky enough to be invited to forage for . . . → Read More: Magneet Festival – Ethical Foraging

Elderflower honey

Elderflower infused honey: A great ingredient for home made Mead.

Today was a beautiful day to harvest Elderflowers from local trees. Here is one of the simplest and tastiest ways to preserve this delight of the hedgerows and it keeps for as long as you like. This can be used instead of Elderflower syrup. To make a delicious drink, pour a small amount into . . . → Read More: Elderflower honey


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