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Sandy Edibles at Magneet Festival

Magneet Festival site 2013

Here is a taster of the edible and amazing plants which can be found at the sandy Magneet Festival site, in Amsterdam Oost. This is Evening Primrose (Oenothera sp.) NL: Teunisbloem, a useful and tasty plant.

I was asked to lead a foraging walk each weekend, throughout the duration of the month long . . . → Read More: Sandy Edibles at Magneet Festival

Rose petal and Mugwort Elixir

Photo credit: Van Gogh Museum

This morning was an Oak Apprenticeship meeting and this afternoon, a walking-cooking magazine interview. Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) was a welcome participant at both gatherings. This common urban herb offers a plethora of uses and is currently flowering here in Amsterdam.

Mugwort has a strong aromatic taste and is not the easiest herb to eat . . . → Read More: Rose petal and Mugwort Elixir

Van Gogh’s Herbs

Photo credit: Wikipedia Sunflower

Photo credit: Wikipedia Sunflower

Please join me on the evenings of Fridays 2nd and 30th August at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. Learn about the herbs of Van Gogh, which can be found, foraged and used today.

I am delighted to have been asked to teach visitors to the Museum’s Friday Nights programme, about . . . → Read More: Van Gogh’s Herbs

Magneet Festival – Ethical Foraging

mobi-01 Frankendael

The Magneet Festival is an inspired event running over the weekends between 23rd August and 15th September 2013. It  has been running for a few years now, on a patch of land in Oost Amsterdam. The public decides on what will be happening and I am lucky enough to be invited to forage for . . . → Read More: Magneet Festival – Ethical Foraging

Elderflower honey

Elderflower infused honey: A great ingredient for home made Mead.

Today was a beautiful day to harvest Elderflowers from local trees. Here is one of the simplest and tastiest ways to preserve this delight of the hedgerows and it keeps for as long as you like. This can be used instead of Elderflower syrup. To make a delicious drink, pour a small amount into . . . → Read More: Elderflower honey

Come Rain or Shine

Snail climbing dry stem Frankendael Park

On Sunday, I took a large group of people around some cold, windy and weedy parts of Westerpark. Today a small group of us walked around the woods of park Frankendael in the sunshine and rain, before enjoying a warm drink in Restaurant Merkelbach.

Here are a few of the things we . . . → Read More: Come Rain or Shine

Let’s Make Hawthorn Tincture!

Let's make Hawthorn Tincture!

What a perfect day!

I finally found time this morning to have a leisurely wander through the woods of Frankendael, seeking out the most pleasantly scented Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) trees.

I was not disappointed! The flowers and leaves of this heart toning tree always taste good to me. Munched on a late spring walk, . . . → Read More: Let’s Make Hawthorn Tincture!

Embrace Your Weeds!


Sunday 2nd June 3-5pm Westerpark (Proef Restaurant to the Educational Garden) €25 per person

There are so many incredible plants which we dismiss, dig-up or discard. We could do so much with these humble weeds, if only more people knew how!

This workshop with foraging walk will open your eyes to the wonders . . . → Read More: Embrace Your Weeds!

Pluck Your Lunch in Frankendael!

Frankendael Ramsons May

Please join me for an urban herb foraging walk in the most beautiful park of Amsterdam Oost!

Park Frankendael (starting from main old entrance) 11:00 – 13:00 Wednesday 29th May €10 per person (children free and very welcome) Booking via email (  or via this events page

You will learn how to:

Ethically and . . . → Read More: Pluck Your Lunch in Frankendael!

Herb Walk & Pizza – Flevopark to Jeugdland


Thursday 29th August 10.30 – 12.00 Meeting at Buurtuin, Valentijnkade Cost €10 per child* (parents free), includes an informative handout (in Nederlands & English), organic pizza ( for child and 1 parent), a packet of River of Herbs seedmix and the guided walk. * for children from same family – 1st child €10, extra children . . . → Read More: Herb Walk & Pizza – Flevopark to Jeugdland


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