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Apprenticeship places available

Hoar frost on rosehips

Hoar frost on rosehips

Update: The next start date for my course is 20th March 2017. If you need to begin before that date,  it can be arranged. 

For the past year, I’ve been running my updated apprenticeship course with an information and activity packed online course running alongside a workshop series.

I am . . . → Read More: Apprenticeship places available

Apprentices Gathering – Mabon


What a pleasure it is to work with enthusiastic people on the topics I love. On Saturday, I welcomed a small group of apprentices into my home and foraging grounds, to work on a variety of preparations and experience more of the world of Urban Herbology. The apprentices are studying my online course at . . . → Read More: Apprentices Gathering – Mabon

Urban Herbology cursus in het Nederlands!

Tansy Bees


Deze cursus is ontwikkeld en wordt gegeven door Lynn Shore. De cursus is bedoeld voor mensen die interesse hebben in stadskruiden.  Het doel is om je band met de natuur te verdiepen door je vertrouwd te maken met een grote variëteit aan nuttige kruiden en planten die in je naaste omgeving groeien, vaak . . . → Read More: Urban Herbology cursus in het Nederlands!

UH Online Apprenticeship FAQs

Hibiscus, Tenerife.

For information about my online/blended apprenticeship course, please see this link.

No garden gardening, Amsterdam

Here are some of the questions which people have been asking about it and my responses:

Can I join any time or am I too late? Have I missed a start date?  You are very welcome . . . → Read More: UH Online Apprenticeship FAQs

UH Apprenticeship Online!

cleavers seedlings

In recent years, I have disappointed many people when my apprenticeship course became so quickly full or because they couldn’t make every meeting or because they lived too far away. So, after much thought and planning I am about to launch a blended learning version of my course!  I am very excited about this . . . → Read More: UH Apprenticeship Online!

Early Autumn Calm

Rosehip Amsterdam

It has been a busy summer full of events,  group walks, a Permaculture Design Course, writing, interviews and a lovely holiday in France. Now it is time to slow down, take stock and take a closer look at some of the plants ripening for harvest around me here in Amsterdam.

Rosehips, of all shapes . . . → Read More: Early Autumn Calm

Willow Apprenticeship Meeting


I met with my Willow Apprenticeship Group this afternoon and as usual had a wonderful and enriching time with them.

I took a few photos whilst we were out and about…

Skullcap (Sculletaria sp.) in the woods. It is best to harness the powers of this bitter labiate, actually at the plant. So take . . . → Read More: Willow Apprenticeship Meeting

Forest School Finds

Potentilla sp

My school runs a lovely Forest School programme using some of the local space in Beatrixpark. Here are some of the beautiful plants, growing there at the moment…

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) Bijvoet. Edible and extremely useful.


Herb Robert (Geranium robertianum) Groot Robertskruid. Edible and useful.


Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) Japanse duizendknoop. . . . → Read More: Forest School Finds

365 Frankendael day 360


In five days time, I’ll have been charting the edible and medicinal herbs of this little corner of Amsterdam, for one year. It has been eye opening to me and has brought me lots of unexpected gifts.

One of these is my apprenticeship programme. Today the first group meet for the seventh time. We took . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 360

365 Frankendael day 323 – Second apprenticeship group


My second apprenticeship group gathered for the first time today and headed for the woods of Park Frankendael.

What a pleasure it was to meet these lovely women, even if on a rainy day!

We found several beautiful and useful plants on our walk. My hands seized-up with the cold, part . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 323 – Second apprenticeship group


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