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Green spirit

Volunteers River of Herbs orchards July 2017

Gardening is good for you. Whether inside or out, spring, summer, autumn or winter, it is not difficult to see why. Being in contact with earth, plants, air and water feeds the soul, tones muscles, lifts spirits and aligns us acutely with the cycles of nature. As research about biophilia, horticultural therapy, woodland bathing and . . . → Read More: Green spirit

Elderflower time

Elderflower honey

This morning, I led a small group walk around Park Frankendael and one of the adjoining streets. There are so many edible and medicinal plants growing here at the moment, it’s a real delight to see!

A few of the plants which we found were Mugwort,  Elderflower,  Hedge woundwort, Valerian, Indian strawberry, Daisy,  Yarrow, . . . → Read More: Elderflower time

Day 30 UH 30 day foraging challenge


Well, we have reached the end of the Urban Herbology 30 day Foraging Challenge! Thank you for your support through messages and photos. They certainly kept me going and I hope that my posts kept you thinking a little about the topic too. We’ve seen lots of wonderful plants over the past month. Lots . . . → Read More: Day 30 UH 30 day foraging challenge

Day 29 UH foraging challenge

Photo credit: Carlijn Potsma

Just a quick post today:

Thank you Carlijn for these two beautiful photos of a tiny, edible Veronica flower

Photo credit: Carlijn Potsma

And Greater celandine.

Photo credit: Carlijn Potsma


. . . → Read More: Day 29 UH foraging challenge

Day 27 UH foraging challenge


Amsterdam was scorching hot yesterday so I headed to the open air pools of Flevobad with my daughter. We cycled through Flevopark to get there and what a green treat that place is at the moment!  It’s absolutely bursting with life. Dozens of herbs caught my eye and as ever garlic mustard is BIG there. . . . → Read More: Day 27 UH foraging challenge

Day 26 UH foraging challenge

Pensylvania pelitory: photo credit Carlijn Potsma

Day 26 and a busy work day for me so less free time outdoors than I like. But I did teach several classes in the school garden today and for that I am extremely grateful!

Lady’s bedstraw: photo credit Carlijn Potsma

Children and gardens go together; always something to touch,  taste,  explore,  watch and . . . → Read More: Day 26 UH foraging challenge

Day 25 UH foraging challenge

Edible and medicinal Lady's mantle

Poisonous Euphorbia

Dear forager,

Have may you noticed how the plants are growing a mile a minute at the moment?  When I walked in Park Frankendael yesterday,  I entered a space that I haven’t visited for over a week. I was amazed by how tall the woodland geraniums have grown. Their flower heads are . . . → Read More: Day 25 UH foraging challenge

Day 24 UH foraging challenge

Photo credit Dana Marin

Photo credit Dana Marin

The sweet smell of Japanese roses (Rosa rugosa) now fills the air in parts of Amsterdam, as Dana has found today.

These are near prefect urban herbs with edible leaves, strongly scented edible flowers and enormous soft hips set on rugged protective shrubs – a dream for forward thinking landscape . . . → Read More: Day 24 UH foraging challenge

Day 23 UH foraging challenge


Dear foragers,

Welcome to day 23! Not long to go now and new plants showing their faces at every turn. May is my favourite time for gardening and foraging but of course, both are possible right through the year. A sure sign of May is the Hawthorn in flower. It has so much to . . . → Read More: Day 23 UH foraging challenge

Day 22 UH foraging challenge

Photo credit Carlijn Potma

Here is a selection of recent photos from some of the foraging challengers. They have been very busy…

Leonie has found some lovely plants. I thought this looked like Meadowsweer on first glance but the flowerhead looks more like a celery family plant (Apiaceae). That with a red stem sets alarm bells ringing. I think . . . → Read More: Day 22 UH foraging challenge


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