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Bifurcated Carrots is all about seed saving: Why we should do it. Who is doing it already. And how we can do it. It’s run from Amsterdam by Patrick Wiebe and Steph Mandel who seem to be as passionate as me about increasing food security. They keep us up to date on the attempts of government . . . → Read More: Bifurcated Carrots

Hollyhock Seeds & Fraunhofferstraat

Hollyhock seeds on table

Here are some Hollyhock seed heads from the plant which found its way to my geveltuin last year. I harvested one really dry, ripe seed head today and collected the seeds from within. They are beautifully arranged in a wheel-like pattern and are big enough for kids to deal with.

Hollyhock is a . . . → Read More: Hollyhock Seeds & Fraunhofferstraat

365 Frankendael day 97

Angelica archangelica seeds

I collected some more seeds today, from edible, medicinal and beautiful perennials in Park Frankendael. The only wild Angelica that I know of there set and spread its seed in the water some time ago but this beauti in the maintained herb garden is just ripe. I harvested just a tiny proportion of the . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 97

Seed Saving for River of Herbs

Seed saving on the roof

This morning we were able to eat breakfast on the roof because the weather was so beautiful. After quite a while, when the morning dew had thoroughly dried off the plants, I set about some herb seed collecting with my toddler daughter. Here she is doing a very good job of rubbing dry Chive . . . → Read More: Seed Saving for River of Herbs

River of Herbs

Marsh mallow

River of Flowers is a UK based initiative which helps to plant Urban Flower Meadows, of all shapes and sizes, providing corridors of insect pollinated plants throughout cities. I read about it today, in the latest copy of Permaculture Magazine and got very excited about the project! Rather than wild flower meadows (which are . . . → Read More: River of Herbs

Wormwood Rescue

Wormwood in pavement cracks

When the council next comes to strim weeds in my street, these lovely Wormwood babies would be lost, so this afternoon I whipped lots of them out of the ground, to save them in plant pots.

I grow a vigorous and useful Wormwood plant in our super-dry geveltuin. I wrote about it recently, when . . . → Read More: Wormwood Rescue

365 Frankendael day 75

tilia blossom

I went for an earlier walk in the park today and was rewarded by finding the freshest and most delicious Lime (Tilia) flowers that I have ever harvested.  Here’s the tree they came from.  I turned them into a tea and shared it with the painters and my little girl.  Lime tea is especially good . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 75

365 Frankendael day 52

Plantago sp.

A lovely walk today, began by spotting this particular Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) plant along the Lime tree avenue. There are many many Garlic Mustards still around But this one has a few really big leaves. The one on focus here was 14cm long! It’s handy to have your field guide with you for . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 52

Edible table planter – self seeding plants

Edible planter

I guess you’d call this a table planter of edible herbs. It’s also a good way to rehome some self seeded plants. I planted it out yesterday using some herb & salad seedlings, which had spread around other pots on my roof terrace. I filled the planter last year, using shop bought seeds and . . . → Read More: Edible table planter – self seeding plants

Saving Herb Seed

Calendula officinalis seed

Buying seed is a recent thing.  Most gardeners used to routinely save seed from their best annual and biennial herbs and vegetables.  Seed saving is an easy and beneficial thing for Urban Herbologists to do, here’s why and how:

Why save herb seed?

It saves money and increases self sufficiency. Saved seed is well adapted . . . → Read More: Saving Herb Seed


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