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Love your Elders!


Love Your Elders – Plant Your Elders! Sunday 7th April 11.00-12.30

Time to join me to either plant your Elder cuttings from last year, or to learn how to take cuttings and propagate this medicine chest of the European hedgerow. Native Elder (Sambucus nigra, NL:Vlier) grows easily and offers familiar flowers and berries each . . . → Read More: Love your Elders!

New Events

making elder babies 003

Please check out the a Urban Herbology events page for details of my forthcoming herbal forays in Amsterdam.

Love Your EldersĀ  (Sunday 7th April)

365 Frankendael Urban Herb Walk (End April/Start May)

Embrace Your Weeds (June)

As well as details of the new Apprenticeship group and River of Herbs.

I’m also planning . . . → Read More: New Events

River of Herbs

Flower spikes, 2008

A little update on what is happening with the River of Herbs project…

I have chosen two sites to focus on for the course which I’m running between February and June 2013. One will be Fraunhofferstraat in Oost Watergraafsmeer and the other is hopefully going to be a portion of Spuistraat, in Amsterdam Centrum. . . . → Read More: River of Herbs

Proposed dates for 2013 River of Herbs course


Some time ago, 24 people signed up for my River Of Herbs training course, which will take place during 2013. There are no more spaces available at this time. The course is being completely funded by a Dutch government initiative to help the volunteer greeners of this country, obtain training.

I’d like to set . . . → Read More: Proposed dates for 2013 River of Herbs course

365 Frankendael day 210


Inside all day today, my little foraging buddy is poorly and my throat is pounding, so a balcony photo for a change and lots of herbal honey for us both!

This is the Camellia sinensis (Tea) plant which I bought in the summer from Intratuin. It’s still doing well, in the bonsai form and . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 210

A Witch’s Dozen – 365 day 192


Thank you to everyone who braved the autumnal weather and joined me this evening for the Witch’s Dozen herb walk through the woods of Park Frankendael and the gathering afterwards in Merkelbach. Ten weatherproof women and two mini foragers, joined me for a seasonal walk through the woods as day turned to dusk then night. . . . → Read More: A Witch’s Dozen – 365 day 192

Urban Outsiders Exhibition at Huize Frankendael

mobi-01 Frankendael

I had an invitation to the launch evening, on Friday, of Urban Outsiders at Huize Frankendael. I managed a quick whizz around the exhibits just before the end of that event. It contains some really beautiful things, from a walk in Permaculture style caravan to illuminated flower pictures, to unusual herb photos to interesting . . . → Read More: Urban Outsiders Exhibition at Huize Frankendael

Funded River of Herbs Course!

Guest Hollyhock in my geveltuin

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation is currently offering a limited number of grants (vouchers) to environmental volunteers who want to follow workshops/trainings in the area of nature and landscape management. If you want to learn how to participate in the River of Herbs project then this could be you!

River . . . → Read More: Funded River of Herbs Course!

Workshop: Growing Exotic Herbs

Ginger roots

I’m running a workshop with Suzanne of City Plot (an urban farming collective), this October. Well show you how to cheaply spice up your house plant collection with unusual, tasty and useful exotic herbs such as Ginger, Papaya and Tamarind. What better way to increase your homegrown herb supplies, create a talking point and . . . → Read More: Workshop: Growing Exotic Herbs

365 Frankendael day 131


Today I looked at small herbs, growing along the Middenweg, which could easily be”weeded” out and replanted in locations where they could be allowed to grow unhindered and provide food…

Here’s a little Hazel, coppiced by repeated strimmings and strong.

Lavender. Smells great, tastes interesting but more useful for remedies and use in . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 131


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