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Great soil for amazing herbs


​​My friend Madelon Oostwoud has written a wonderful book about growing amazing edible perennials in small gardens. Now in its second print, Een Kleine Eetbare Tuin is an absolute treasure trove of gardening information, perfectly tailored to small urban gardens. Her book is published by the KNNV and is widely available to purchase. I highly recommend . . . → Read More: Great soil for amazing herbs

River of Herbs @ Pakhuis de Zwijger

Tansy Bees

Are you are interested in: Growing edible & medicinal herbs in public spaces, Encouraging pollinating insects into the city, Increasing Urban Food Security, Creating a community food forest, Learning and sharing gardening skills, Creating an edible wildlife corridor through Amsterdam, by planting tiny unused pockets of land?

Then please come along to the River . . . → Read More: River of Herbs @ Pakhuis de Zwijger

Bifurcated Carrots is all about seed saving: Why we should do it. Who is doing it already. And how we can do it. It’s run from Amsterdam by Patrick Wiebe and Steph Mandel who seem to be as passionate as me about increasing food security. They keep us up to date on the attempts of government . . . → Read More: Bifurcated Carrots

Sandy Edibles at Magneet Festival

Magneet Festival site 2013

Here is a taster of the edible and amazing plants which can be found at the sandy Magneet Festival site, in Amsterdam Oost. This is Evening Primrose (Oenothera sp.) NL: Teunisbloem, a useful and tasty plant.

I was asked to lead a foraging walk each weekend, throughout the duration of the month long . . . → Read More: Sandy Edibles at Magneet Festival

Van Gogh Tickets Competition


On the evenings of Friday 2nd and Friday 30th August, I’ll be inviting visitors of the Van Gogh Museum to learn about and taste some edible and mind altering plants, which Vincent van Gogh used. Myself and a few able assistants will be installed with a selection of his most inspiring plants, some snacks . . . → Read More: Van Gogh Tickets Competition

Embrace Your Weeds!


Sunday 2nd June 3-5pm Westerpark (Proef Restaurant to the Educational Garden) €25 per person

There are so many incredible plants which we dismiss, dig-up or discard. We could do so much with these humble weeds, if only more people knew how!

This workshop with foraging walk will open your eyes to the wonders . . . → Read More: Embrace Your Weeds!

Herb and Strawberry Tower

herb and strawberry tower

Here’s my latest rooftop planting creation: A simple tower of three plastic plant pots, packed with plenty of molehill soil and organic compost.

The plants used are babies from those we grow already on the roof, except the tiny Wormwood, which I found growing in between street pavers. I planted a mixture of Strawberries, . . . → Read More: Herb and Strawberry Tower

Bug Hostel

Rooftop bug hostel

Here’s my first attempt at a rooftop bug refuge. It’s simply a long slim plastic plant pot, stuffed full of dry hollow stems which I found in my kitchen and around the rooftop planters. The stems are from long dead Fig trees, Honeysuckle, Chamomile, Hollyhocks, Clematis, Elder, Reed fencing and a few old and . . . → Read More: Bug Hostel

Herbal Moon Gardens


Last month, I asked my apprentices to think about planting a herbal moon garden, in whatever space they can find. I finally got around to making my own last night.

The idea of a moon garden, for me at least, is to welcome the moonlight into a peaceful outdoor space. Moon gardens catch . . . → Read More: Herbal Moon Gardens

365 Frankendael day 355


I met the gardener who looks after Park Frankendael today. He’s happy with our little Elder babies and suggested another location for additional planting. He also taught me about the the Primrose species which live in the park. I’ll order some seed of those species soon and will be bringing on Primrose and Violet plants . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 355


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