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Hairy bittercress – A free lunch

hairy bittercress


I did a spot of roof gardening this morning and was very pleased to find this herb growing in a neglected plant pot. It’s thought of as weed by most and yet it’s providing at least two services here; covering lots of surface soil thus acting as a green mulch and also it’s soon . . . → Read More: Hairy bittercress – A free lunch

Chickweed abounds!

Chickweed Amsterdam April 2012

Chickweed makes a delicious and nutritious sandwich filling, it’s also plentiful, easily forage-able and available almost year round (it gets scorched and disappears at midsummer and has a slightly different form in mid winter but still tastes great).

It’s a popular medicinal herb, used as a tonic and for a multitude of ailments including skin . . . → Read More: Chickweed abounds!

Cleavers (Galium aparine, NL:Kleefkruid)


Cleavers (Galium aparine) I remember having a lot of fun with cleavers or “sticky weed” as a child.  This is a wonderful sticky, prostate annual plant which often grows wild and prolifically against fences, in hedgerows, crop fields and beneath trees.  I know I was not the only child who delighted every time I found . . . → Read More: Cleavers (Galium aparine, NL:Kleefkruid)

Leek, Potato and Calendula soup

Leek, Potato and Calendula Soup

I often use fresh  petals to garnish soup; they are almost always available on my balcony, they look so pretty and their intense orange colour encourages appetite.  After writing about uses for Calendula, I thought I should make more of an effort to use the dried flowers in my food.   Adding dried Calendula flowers . . . → Read More: Leek, Potato and Calendula soup

43 Uses for Calendula (NL:Goudsbloem)

Calendula geranium and olive oil

Calming, cooling, cleansing. Calendula officinalis (Pot Marigold, NL: Goudsbloem) is one of the easiest herbs to grow and perhaps one of the most useful to Urban Herbologists. It is a hardy annual which does very well in containers, can flower throughout the year and self seeds readily. It is beautiful, tastes good and has gentle . . . → Read More: 43 Uses for Calendula (NL:Goudsbloem)


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