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Ramson mackerel spread

Urbanherbology ramson-mackerel paste

There seems hardly time to do anything except forage and garden at the moment. Spring has truely sprung and wild garlic / ramsons (Allium ursinum) is on my menu each day! As ever,  I can’t get enough of this herb and have been experimenting with how to stretch the harvest.

Mostly, I have been preserving . . . → Read More: Ramson mackerel spread

Spring Herbs Risotto

Freshly plucked Fennel and Lemonbalm leaves

This time of year provides a bounty of nourishing and tasty spring herbs. Here is one way that I like to cook them – a simple, no-fuss risotto.

Today I harvested two large feathery  Fennel leaves and three verdant tops of Stinging nettle (from Frankendael herb . . . → Read More: Spring Herbs Risotto

Autumn Street Treats and Tricks

Turkish Hazelnut Case

The past few weeks have seen a bounty of free street food falling from trees in Amsterdam. I’ve been enjoying Hazelnuts, Hawthorn berries & Sloes (plucked rather than fallen) and Sweet chestnuts – all absolutely delicious when prepared! The nuts and fruit are still there for the taking in many places but if you have . . . → Read More: Autumn Street Treats and Tricks

Elderflower honey

Elderflower infused honey: A great ingredient for home made Mead.

Today was a beautiful day to harvest Elderflowers from local trees. Here is one of the simplest and tastiest ways to preserve this delight of the hedgerows and it keeps for as long as you like. This can be used instead of Elderflower syrup. To make a delicious drink, pour a small amount into . . . → Read More: Elderflower honey

May Herbs Sauce


This herb sauce was the result of today’s rainy forage in Frankendael park.

After a quick chat with the park warden who was chopping up a massive fallen tree, Livvy and I collected a little each of Ground elder (Aegopodium podograria), Wild garlic (Galium ursinum), Wild geranium (Geranium sp), Ground ivy (Glechoma hederaceae) . . . → Read More: May Herbs Sauce

Pop-up City – Tuesday 27th May

Pasta impregnanted with wild herbs

To celebrate the fifth birthday of Pop-up City Live, they are hosting The Pop-Up City Live, an experimental event for urban innovators in Amsterdam on Tuesday May 21st where they will bring the blog to life on stage. They have invited me along for a live cooking show with wild veggies and herbs from the sidewalks . . . → Read More: Pop-up City – Tuesday 27th May

Wild Garlic Meat and Potato Pie


Meat and potato pie is the comfort food that potatoes were designed for. Well, in my mind anyway.

I had lots of yoghurt pastry dough, potatoes and some meatballs to use up today. I also had a couple of succulent, fresh Wild Garlic leaves in my fridge, which I had picked this morning. The logical . . . → Read More: Wild Garlic Meat and Potato Pie

Wild Garlic Mojo / Pesto


People tend to call herbs blended with pine nuts and cheese, Pesto. I know of another herb blend called Mojo, from holidays in Tenerife. Green mojo is similar to pesto but has more kick to it due to it containing garlic and coriander and they don’t add pinenuts, basil or cheese generally. I began . . . → Read More: Wild Garlic Mojo / Pesto

Wild garlic bread sticks


These bread sticks are chunky and have more than a hint of wild garlic about them. We love making them and eating them and hope you will too. If you came to the River of Herbs or February Apprenticeship meetings then you tested the recipe with my first Wild Garlic harvest of the year. The . . . → Read More: Wild garlic bread sticks

365 Frankendael day 310


More snow in Amsterdam today so a pleasant but chilly walk in park Frankendael, to collect a few Wild Garlic (Allium ursinum) leaves.

I gathered nine leaves, that’s enough to see my family through the week, with a garlicy meal a day. I preserved them in a tiny jam jar of olive oil, . . . → Read More: 365 Frankendael day 310


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