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Forager’s Kefir

kefire rosehip and quince

Aurel Chaoul taught me how to really make water kefir a couple of years ago. One beautiful Beltane evening in the River of Herbs orchards, he showed a bewitched group of us how to set up a batch. He added chewed over apple cores, squeezed out lemons, bits of ginger, a liberal amount of caster . . . → Read More: Forager’s Kefir

Herbal Ferments Circle – Meeting 2

Blackthorn Sloes Amsterdam

July saw the first Herbal Ferments Circle at Brouwerij t’Ij. A hearty group of us gathered on a sunny evening to swap stories, taste Meade, exchange Kombucha SCOBYs, herb plants, talk tempeh technique and generally have a good time. . . . → Read More: Herbal Ferments Circle – Meeting 2

Herbal Ferments Circle – Meeting 1

Brouwerij t'Ij UrbanHerbology Mead Kombucha

I had a great time last night, meeting a large bunch of Urban Herbies at Brouwerij t’Ij (the windmill brewery in Oost). We talked about making Mead from herbs, honey and water and also about brewing a strange microbial tea loving symbiosis called Kombucha. We also tasted my Rosehip and Lavender Mead, which I . . . → Read More: Herbal Ferments Circle – Meeting 1

Magnolia Petals: Pickles, Honey and more


The flowers of Magnolia trees are edible and medicinal. They taste fragrant and spicy, almost like meaty versions of rose petals. They are used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine and are a wonderful find for city foragers. There is recent research suggesting that Magnolia bark extracts can help with oral health, stress reduction and . . . → Read More: Magnolia Petals: Pickles, Honey and more

Kombucha – fermented tea drink

The amazing world of SCOBY fermentation, in a 2 litre pickling jar from Blokker.

Kombucha is something I’m being asked a lot about at the moment.  Here are some of my thoughts and experiences of it and also some links which you may find useful.  Please do let me know what you think of the drink, good or bad.  I’m including it in the Urban Herbology blog because tea . . . → Read More: Kombucha – fermented tea drink


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