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Herbology Club for Children

Herbology Club Amsterdam

Lynn’s Herbology Club is for children aged 5 – 10 years. Maximum 8 children in the group.

Each session is practical and fun. They build self-confidence and provide a wealth of sensory experiences in a green, social setting. Herbology Club allows children to play in a thoughtful and creative way with nature. No experience . . . → Read More: Herbology Club for Children

Gentle wild garlic

Ramsons in Frankendael Orchards

I stood stupefied and watched a woman take out a knife and cut bunches of Wild garlic from inside the entrance of Park Frankendael this evening. Felt so mad and sad and bewildered that I didn’t know where to begin with her. So just stared at the mini massacre until she saw me and . . . → Read More: Gentle wild garlic

Urban Herbology cursus in het Nederlands!

Tansy Bees


Deze cursus is ontwikkeld en wordt gegeven door Lynn Shore. De cursus is bedoeld voor mensen die interesse hebben in stadskruiden.  Het doel is om je band met de natuur te verdiepen door je vertrouwd te maken met een grote variëteit aan nuttige kruiden en planten die in je naaste omgeving groeien, vaak . . . → Read More: Urban Herbology cursus in het Nederlands!

Mentoring and Consultations


My online mentoring sessions and personal consultations are for people who are seeking inspiration, direction and guidance about topics such as:

Manifesting Your Dreams Herb Crafting Urban Foraging Working with Nature Urban Paganism Nature Based Spirituality Healthy Natural Lifestyle Green Websites and Businesses Permaculture Gardening Increasing Self Sufficiency Gardening with Children Green Community Projects . . . → Read More: Mentoring and Consultations


Blackthorn bloom, unusually with 6 petals

Sap is rising

Sunlight grows stronger. Spring’s first stirrings can be felt as rising sap, throbbing through the land. Blackthorn blooms, Ramsons emerge, lambing season begins, trees bud and Birch blood begins to flow. Life quietly builds in the cold fresh light.

Now is the perfect time to refresh our internal and external environments. . . . → Read More: Imbolc

Japanese Quince

Japanese quince

Japanese quince

At first glance it may seem that these early spring weeks are quite dark and dull. But look a little closer and you will see that there are a lot of beautiful flowers around at the moment. Here is one of my Imbolc favourites: Japanese quince (Chaenomeles japonica) Japanse sierkwee.

This plant has edible . . . → Read More: Japanese Quince

UH Online Apprenticeship FAQs

Hibiscus, Tenerife.

For information about my online/blended apprenticeship course, please see this link.

No garden gardening, Amsterdam

Here are some of the questions which people have been asking about it and my responses:

Can I join any time or am I too late? Have I missed a start date?  You are very welcome . . . → Read More: UH Online Apprenticeship FAQs

UH Apprenticeship Online!

cleavers seedlings

In recent years, I have disappointed many people when my apprenticeship course became so quickly full or because they couldn’t make every meeting or because they lived too far away. So, after much thought and planning I am about to launch a blended learning version of my course!  I am very excited about this . . . → Read More: UH Apprenticeship Online!

Lynn’s Urban Foraging Rules

Winter Purslane Oud Zuid

Here is an outline of my personal foraging rules, for picking edible plants in urban environments. 

Above all, be considerate, careful and moderate whether harvesting from your own plants or those growing in public spaces. Be: Accurate Light Clean Legal Enriching Safe

1. Accurate Harvest 100% CERTAINTY OF IDENTIFICATION Know the plant, know the . . . → Read More: Lynn’s Urban Foraging Rules


Bread of the dead

The very end of October is marked as the end and beginning of the Pagan wheel of the year. The Wild Hunt is said to rip through the world at Samhain, claiming those souls who have passed from their physical bodies that year, gathering them up and taking them safely to the Otherworld. Often at . . . → Read More: Samhain

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