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Over the past few years, I have been offering apprenticeship courses. It has been a pure joy to work with so many inspiring people as a result.  The Rowan group is nearing the end of it’s 18 meetings and many people have contacted me about the next apprenticeship start date. Upon reflection, I am not sure when I will offer another face-to-face apprenticeship course.  My focus now is on setting up an exciting online version of the course, with periodic gatherings to complement the material. Alongside this, I am working with my existing apprentices and am developing new face-to-face workshops. The first is a series about the magic of herbs. Rowan apprentices can complete their course by attending these workshops and new comers are welcome to join also! If you would like more information about the new workshops or my online Urban Herbology course, please email me ( and keep an eye on my events page.

Next apprenticeship meeting:
14th Rowan* Group Meeting:
November 9th 2015
10.00 – 13.00
At my Volkstuin – Schellingwoude.

*Oak and Willow apprentices are very welcome to join. Please contact me beforehand so that I can plan accordingly.




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