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My apprenticeship courses in Amsterdam have been running very successfully since 2011. Unfortunately, many people were disappointed when the courses became so quickly full or because they couldn’t make every meeting or they lived too far away etc. So in February 2016, after much thought and planning I launched a blended learning version of my course. It has been well received and I am pleased to be welcome apprentices from around the globe. Anyone who is inquisitive about Urban Herbology and wants to learn and develop new skills, is very welcome here! A very supportive community of old and new apprentices is building.

Course organisation

I have broken down and enriched my previous course into…

5 course modules:

  1. Foraging – Foraging skills. Botany basics. Plant families. Plant profiles for key urban herbs.
  2. Crafting Herbs – Safety, ethics and legality. Home remedy making. Herbal first aid. Nourishing herbs.
  3. Growing Herbs – Creative ways to grow herbs in small and large, pubic and private spaces.
  4. Healing Systems – Safe and sensible healing. Wise woman & Cunning man system of healing.
  5. Wheel of the Year – Nature based spirituality. Celebrating the 8 Celtic festivals. Seasonal herbs, recipes and activities.

8 times a year,  my apprentices receive access to the next lesson from each of those modules. The timings match the eight Wheel of the Year festivals. Each time they learn more about those 5 modules – Foraging,  Crafting,  Growing,  Healing,  Wheel of the Year.

If you like the sound of this but don’t like the feel of online study then a printed version is available upon request. 

How Long Does The Course Take? 

There is no limit to how long you can spend on the course but it can be completed in one year. If you need to go slower,  that’s fine. If you need to take a break is also fine. You receive permanent access codes to the lessons and can stay in contact and come to apprentice gatherings for as long as you like.

Blended learning
I know that my online apprentices can learn all of the herbal techniques from the course material alone but I also offer regular opportunities for us to actually meet and work on herb crafting and foraging skills together. So, apprentices are able to follow the course at home or in combination with up to 4 optional half day workshops in Amsterdam.

Regular Communication

The course also encourages communication between the apprentices and myself, to iron out practical issues as they arise and to help apprentices dive deeper into topics of particular interest. We use email,  letters (yes real posted letters!) and have a private Facebook group.

Online course: €320 (8 instalments of €40)
or €300 (if paid in 1 instalment)
Optional workshops: €40 each (max €160)
Payments are made through my Shop.
Only one book is required. Please see the full course information on Tansy Turnip regarding optional materials.

Start dates
The course can be started at any time. When you make your (first) payment, you will be sent the most appropriate Wheel of the Year unit plus the first unit from the other modules (Growing 1, Foraging 1, Crafting 1 and Healing 0).

Further details
You can read more detailed course information here. I am using an online platform called Tansy Turnip (which I share with my friends at City Plot). Tansy Turnip holds the Urban Herbology Apprenticeship lessons, my River of Herbs notes and City Plot workshop notes.

Please email if you would like further information or you may like to subscribe to my occasional:

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