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Lynn’s Urban Foraging Rules

Winter Purslane Oud Zuid

Here is an outline of my personal foraging rules, for picking edible plants in urban environments. 

Above all, be considerate, careful and moderate whether harvesting from your own plants or those growing in public spaces. Be: Accurate Light Clean Legal Enriching Safe

1. Accurate Harvest 100% CERTAINTY OF IDENTIFICATION Know the plant, know the . . . → Read More: Lynn’s Urban Foraging Rules


Bread of the dead

The very end of October is marked as the end and beginning of the Pagan wheel of the year. The Wild Hunt is said to rip through the world at Samhain, claiming those souls who have passed from their physical bodies that year, gathering them up and taking them safely to the Otherworld. Often at . . . → Read More: Samhain

Forager’s Kefir

kefire rosehip and quince

Aurel Chaoul taught me how to really make water kefir a couple of years ago. One beautiful Beltane evening in the River of Herbs orchards, he showed a bewitched group of us how to set up a batch. He added chewed over apple cores, squeezed out lemons, bits of ginger, a liberal amount of caster . . . → Read More: Forager’s Kefir

Sweet Contradiction


Let’s face it, some herbs are hard to swallow – not because they are chewy or toxic but because they just taste sooooo strong that they make your toes curl and your hair stand on end!

One solution to the issue of strong but necessary herbal taste, is to create an Oxymel. These are . . . → Read More: Sweet Contradiction

Feeling Witchy?

I am delighted to offer a series of free-standing half day workshops to develop the magical side of your life.

Each session focuses on different ways to live in deep connection with nature and spirit, whether you are based in the city or countryside.  The workshop series (running through autumn 2015 – spring 2016) . . . → Read More: Feeling Witchy?

Hot summer herbs

Bugloss in Diemerpark

I’ve led a few herb walks recently and have had a lovely time meeting new people along the way. Today I ran my first herb walk in Diemerpark.  It’s such an interesting location. Until just a few years ago the sunny open site was a rubbish dump for toxic waste. The council had the . . . → Read More: Hot summer herbs

Spring Herbs Risotto

Freshly plucked Fennel and Lemonbalm leaves

This time of year provides a bounty of nourishing and tasty spring herbs. Here is one way that I like to cook them – a simple, no-fuss risotto.

Today I harvested two large feathery  Fennel leaves and three verdant tops of Stinging nettle (from Frankendael herb . . . → Read More: Spring Herbs Risotto

Bones, Bites and Bali

Bali lily and water cabbage

As some of you know, I fell from my bike in November and was out of action for quite some time. In short, I broke my cheek bone in several places, took quite a hit on my bum and was rather shaken up. Illness is one of the greatest teachers so naturally lessons were learned. . . . → Read More: Bones, Bites and Bali

Marlies’ Winter Wonder Honey

Ayurvedic winter remedy


Here at last is a quick recipe for Marlies van Wisselingh’s too simple to be true,  teacher’s throat saving, cold and fever beating Ayurveda remedy – passed to her from a very helpful Indian man some years ago, in India. Her husband Bob is a volunteer with the River of Herbs and has . . . → Read More: Marlies’ Winter Wonder Honey

Strawberry Earth – Garden Safari

Strawberry Earth Fair

On Sunday 12th October, please join me for a herbal safari through the Tolhuistuin and surrounding streets of Amsterdam Noord.

As part of the Strawberry Earth Fair I will be offering a foraging walk to find the best wild plants that autumn has to offer. We can expect to find a wide range of . . . → Read More: Strawberry Earth – Garden Safari

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