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Join my 30 day challenge!

Today's weeding at the orchards.

A few years ago I challenged myself to blog every day for a year about the edible plants which I find in Amsterdam.  I loved the experience!  Now, I want to challenge you!

The 365 Frankendael project taught me a lot and helped to spread the word about ethical urban foraging. It was a nourishing experience on many levels.

My 30 day challenge is to encourage you to find something edible growing in your town, city,  suburb or village every day.

  • Take a photo or make a quick sketch.
  • Find out a little about the plant.
  • Maybe try to do something useful with it.
  • Tell me about it.

I’ll support you as much as possible by answering enquiries about the plants you find and by suggesting how they can be used. I’ll also send you a little inspirational email each day (only if you’d like that). No pressure, no requirement to eat the plants or even pick them but a lot of encouragement to find out more about the edible plants which grow around you.

So who’s up for it?! Either reply with a comment here or send me an email to

I’ll start posting my daily finds and feedback from people who take up my challenge,  from tomorrow.



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