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Edible Cities TEDxYouth@AICS

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I love the spirit of TED, where ordinary people stand in front of an audience and speak about Technological, Entertainment and Design ideas that are worth spreading. I’ve watched some great talks in recent years and each has taught me something, has made me think slightly differently and has spurred me on to do what I know is right. Amsterdam International Community School will host a TEDxYouth event in November and I am so excited to be speaking there. The title I have given my talk is Edible Cities.  I am totally buzzing with ideas but as I prepare my 15 minute talk, I’d like to hear your thoughts about what I should say to the audience of predominantly 16-18 year olds. I am hoping that your thoughts will help calm me down and focus my thoughts to less than a million!

If you don’t know TEDx, then perhaps take a look at these videos to wet your whistle..

Vicki Robin – Relational Eating (TEDx Seattle)

Pam Wathurst – How we can eat our landscapes (TED Salon London)

1 comment to Edible Cities TEDxYouth@AICS

  • yreimer

    YEAH LYNN !!!!!!!!

    how great is this news!!!!!!! Will we be able to view the video of your talk online? ? ?!!!!!! Made my day to hear you are presenting. . .. .

    my only suggestion would be, just talk about what you love best and it wouldn’t hurt to mention your 365 day journey into the world of city parks either. .
    you have made SO many beautiful photos . . .it was all in prep for this (I think. . .wink wink). . .

    Can not wait to see your presentation. . .

    Great news again !!!!

    In total awe.. . have a great week!



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